Welcome to the PANIWATER Research Project website

Globally, 2.1 billion people live without access to safe water, and about 159 million people collect their drinking water directly from surface water sources. This issue is particularly prominent in water-stressed areas, such as  India, which accounts for a rural population of ca. 700 million, 63 million of which do not have access to clean water. In addition, Contaminants of Emerging Concerns (CECs) are increasingly being detected in wastewater effluents around the world.

PANIWATER technologies

PANIWATER is developing six technologies for water treatment suitable for the removal of CECs. The overall goal is to increase the availability of safe drinking water to the minimum level recommended by the WHO (at least 7.5 L/person/day) in the target communities, and to obtain total wastewater treatment capacity of at least 10000L /day, producing irrigation-grade, CEC-free, treated water

Where we work

The technologies are being tested in peri-urban and rural areas of India. There, European and Indian social scientists work on co-design, health-impact assessment, information, capacity building and behavior change, closely with the local communities to facilitate the uptake of PANIWATER solutions into the water management system.

Who we are

PANIWATER Team consists of STEM Scientists, Social Scientists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Public Health Experts from NGOs, Universities & HEIs, SMEs, National Research Institutes