Ctra. de Senés km 4.5, E-04200 Tabernas, Almería (SPAIN)

Role in the project

CIEMAT-PSA will be involved inWP2 (Recycle of Sewage for Agriculture direct reuse), WP3 (Reactor design and prototype testing), WP 4 (Communication) and WP6 (Coordination).
WP2: CIEMAT activity within this WP will be the evaluation of UV/H2O2, UV/S2O8 2-, solar/H2O2, solar/Fe(II)/S2O8 2- at pilot plant scale and their comparison with conventional treatments (ozonation, clorination, UV) for the elimination of the CECs and ARB, ARGs, pathogens for the removal of acute and chronic toxicity.
WP3: CIEMAT activity within this WP will be testing of proposed technologies at pilot plant scale under natural sunlight and control conditions. Solar evaluation of microbial surrogates for fitting drinking water quality standards.


Dr. Isabel Oller

Senior Researcher. WP2 leader

Dr. Isabel Oller is Senior Researcher in the Solar Treatment of Water Unit at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (CIEMAT). She has been involved in 22 International and National R&D Projects (AQUALITY (MCSA-ITN), INNOWATECH (7PM), SFERA & SFERA-II (7PM), CADOX (6PM)). She has 15 years of experience in the field of industrial and urban wastewater treatment and reuse by using advanced oxidation processes (with and without solar energy) and their combination with other conventional technologies, which are closely related to PANIWATER tasks. She has been supervisor of five PhD theses. She has co-authored 115 publications in SCI Journals (> 3500 cites) and directed 53 PhD Thesis. H-index= 37

Dr. Maria Inmaculada Polo López


Dr. Maria Inmaculada is Researcher in the CIEMAT, at Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA). Her researcher is focused on solar technologies for water disinfection. In the last 10 years she has achieved experience on fundamental and applied aspects of several advanced oxidation processes driven by natural solar radiation for the inactivation of waterborne pathogens using solar pilot reactors for real field applications related with drinking water supply, irrigation water and reuse of treated wastewater. These topics are closely related to PANIWATER goals. She has collaborated on a number of externally funded research projects related among others with sustainable technologies for drinking water disinfection and safe water supply in low-to-middle-income countries in the course of EU projects (WATERSPOUTT, ALICE, ZCR-II, AQUALITY, SODISWATER). She has collaborated with more than 25 undergraduate students in the field of solar photocatalytic disinfection of water. Regarding educational activities she lectured several master classes and training courses of solar water disinfection and decontamination, teaching at Master of Solar Energy (Faculty of Sciences, Univ. Almería). She has supervised to completion 1 PhD (+ 2 in progress). She has 45 refereed articles in peer-reviewed journals (H index: 22).