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Role in the project

WP2: (Waste Water): Provide research and implementation support throughout theprocess of technology development, independent performance validation in the lab and field conditions, design modifications based on user feedback for better uptake of technology developed. Provide technical and logistical assistance for Site Selection, awareness generation, base line and end line survey and periodic monitoring evaluation support.


Dr. K. Vijaya Lakshmi, PhD

Dr. K. Vijaya Lakshmi Graduated with Chemistry major from Andhra University and later obtained her Doctoral degree in Physical Organic Chemistry from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. She began her journey as environmental scientist 25 years ago with Development Alternatives. With over 30 years of relevant experience in environmental management, she has been responsible for strengthening DA’s capability in designing solutions for the blue and brown issues of the environment i.e. air, water and land pollution due to industrialization and urbanization and the related socio-economic implications on people and ecosystems. Her main focus and achievements are in the area of water quality testing, waste water treatment & its management, development and application of innovative technologies that address the problems of women etc. She took upon herself the challenge of demystifying the science of water quality monitoring and developed filters and testing kits that can be taken to villages in India. Dr. K. Vijayalakshmi is responsible for programme planning, management and business development involving trans-disciplinary teams. She takes up collaborative and translational research with various national and international universities, research bodies and ensures that the cutting edge research benefits reach the poor and needy. Her latest collaboration is with York University in Canada to validate and take forward a most rapid testing kit for coliform bacteria. She is currently coordinating FT121 SODIS project in partnership with CSIR in three geographical location of India for developing low cost, eco friendly SODIS technology. She has been on various committees and boards such as: Former Member, Project Advisory Committee of Water Technology Initiative of DST, Regional Council Member of GWP – South Asia, Member of Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) among others. Dr. K. Vijaya Lakshmi has several publications, research reports, and policy briefs in the field of WASH, drinking water treatment, environmental conservation etc. to her credit

Dr Alka Srivastava, PhD

Dr Alka Srivastava is the Senior Programme Director at Development Alternatives. She has a PhD in Genetics and 23 years of experience in the development field. She has worked in various capacities in a number of organizations like Department of Plant Breeding and as Post Doctoral Fellow of ICAR at Department of Genetics; senior scientist and in charge at Quality Control Lab at Maharishi Ayurveda Corporation. She has experience in household water treatment & storage, SODIS process, and promotion of safe sanitation & hygiene practice among rural & urban slum communities. She is associated with various national, international, multi / bi lateral funding institutions, research agencies, civil society organizations (CSO), government representatives for research, policy practice connect and advocacy work. She has organanised knowledge dissemination workshops, capacity building seminars, panel discussions in Delhi and at regional level. Her expertise lies in preparing training modules, conducting training on research methodology, gender and development, WASH, watershed management, sustainable development, rural technologies and social analysis. Dr. Alka Srivastava has published 4 research papers and is an author of 6 books in the field of agriculture, sustainable development, gender & women empowerment etc.