PANIWATER Technologies

PANIWATER is developing six technologies for the removal of contaminants, including Contaminants of Emerging Concerns, from wastewater and drinking water.

The technologies for wastewater treatment

MITO3X. A 48-50 m3/day multifunctional reactor.

The MITO3X uses oxidation between ozone and hydrogen peroxide, and Fenton process activated by ultraviolet light

A 100 L/day photo electrochemical system.

The system generates radical oxygen species capable of removing contaminants from wastewater at the point-of- entry.

A 1000-2000 L/day solar photocatalytic plant:

The solar photocatalytic plant will use advanced oxidation processes​which make use of solar activation of green oxidants

These three technologies

can generate irrigation grade water

from contaminated wastewater

The prototypes for drinking water treatment

Filtration, adsorption, UVC-LED system

A filtration, adsorption, Ultraviolet C -LED system that combines traditional approaches such as filtration and adsorption, with UVC LED irradiation.

20 L transparent jerrycan

A 20 L transparent jerrycan for solar water disinfection, The transparent jerrycan is constructed of food-grade material transparent to ultraviolet-light, capable of inactivating pathogens via solar disinfection.

2000 L/day electrocoagulation, oxidation, and disinfection system.

The system combines electrochemical coagulation, oxidation and chlorine disinfection.

These three technologies can generate drinking-grade water from unsafe water sources. In addition to contaminants they will also remove geogenic pollutants, pathogens, antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes.