Piazza Tancredi, n.7 –
73100 Lecce – Italy

Role in the project

UniSalento (UNILE) will be involved in theWP2 (Waste Water): Recycle of Sewage for agriculture direct reuse Development, optimization and validation of a multifunctional reactor for unrestricted agricultural reuse


Prof. Giuseppe Mele, PhD.

Graduated in Chemistry from the University of Bari in 1990. He has received his PhD degree in Chemical Sciences in 1995 carrying out activities of research at the Department of Chemistry and MISO (Innovative Methodologies in Organic Synthesis)-Centre of the University of Bari. Beginning 1994 until 1996 he was enrolled as teacher of chemistry in high schools.
Since 1997, he was enrolled at the University of Lecce (renamed University of Salento on September 2006), where he is currently working as Associate Professor. He is involved in the field of Fundamentals of Chemical Technologies, teaching courses on Chemistry at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salento. Also, he was a member of the Teaching Council of the Doctoral School in “Materials and Structures Engineering” and, actually, of “Material, Structure and Nanotechnology Engineering”. He received the National Habilitation for Full Professor of Chemical Fundaments of Technologies (call DD n. 222/2012) on 2014. He is author (or co-author) nearly 120 scientific papers and more than 100 communications (poster/oral) in national and international conferences and meetings. Since 2014 he is Scientific Responsible of the Laboratory of Chemical Technologies at the Department of Engineering for Innovation.