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Role in the project

Ulster University will participate in the PANIWATER project in the WP2: Advanced oxidation technologies with focus in photoelectrochemical processes for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), antimicrobial resistant bacteria (ARB) and antimicrobial resistant genes (ARGs) from secondary-treated wastewater effluents. Based on this, we will build a prototype reactor for the demonstration of the technology in India.


Dr Pilar Fernández-Ibáñez

Principal investigator of PANIWATER at Ulster University

Pilar is lecturer in Engineering Science at Ulster University (UK). Previously head of group at Plataforma Solar de Almería of CIEMAT (Spain). Her research focus on low-cost technologies for the purification and disinfection of wastewater and drinking water, and reclaimed wastewater for restricted reuse. She published 142 per-reviewed publications (H-index 48) and has participated in number of EU-funded research projects in this area. Currently she is working in the WATERSPOUTT project (Europe-subSaharan Africa collaboration), the GCRF-SAFEWATER project (UK-Latin America collaboration), GCRF-TRANSLATE SAFEWATER project (UK-ODA countries worldwide) and is Principal Investigator in the H2020-MSCA-REWATERGY and H2020-PANIWATER projects.

Prof J. Anthony Byrne

Investigator of PANIWATER at Ulster University

Tony is a Professor of Photocatalysis in the School of Engineering. He leads the Clean Technology research theme within the Nanotechnology and Integrated BioEngineering Centre (NIBEC). His personal research is focused on low cost and novel technologies for the treatment and disinfection of water, particularly the use of solar water treatment using photocatalysis. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and serves on the committee of the RSC Northern Ireland Section Committee and the RSC Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology interest group. He is the Chair of the Professional Bodies Forum in support of the All Party Group on STEM (Northern Ireland Assembly) and a Board Member of the Northern Ireland Science Festival. Tony’s role in the PANIWATER project is to contribute to the scientific research relating to the development of photo-electrocatalytic treatment systems for wastewater.

Dr Alvaro Tolosana-Moranchel

Investigator of PANIWATER at Ulster University

Alvaro is Research Associate at Ulster University for PANIWATER. He has recently finished his PhD related to the synthesis of TiO2-rGO nanocomposites for the photocatalytic removal of organic pollutants from water and to the development of kinetic mechanisms with an explicit dependence of radiation absorption to simulate photocatalytic processes and design photoreactors. During his PhD he carried out several research placements in the University of Aberdeen, Leibniz University Hannover and INTEC (CONICET). He published 12 per-reviewed publications. He got the Spanish National Award for the second best academic qualifications in Chemical Engineering Degree. His role in PANIWATER is the design, fabrication and assessment of a photo-electrocatalytic (PEC) system to treat wastewater for the elimination of emerging pollutants, pathogens and antimicrobial resistant bacteria.